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An independent, skilled and highly experienced builder based in Watton, Norfolk

Adrian Pitcher Builder In Watton, Norfolk

Adrian “Mouse” Pitcher has worked in the trades & building industry for over 35 years experiencing and delivering quality on an array of different projects.

With his extensive experience he’s worked on large construction sites and small private building jobs in and around Watton and Norfolk.

From building to construction to groundworks, he can deliver quality work for you.





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Why Adrian?

Adrian maintains a unique traits which allow him to produce quality building work time after time...This is why Adrian "Mouse" Pitcher is the right builder for your next project.

Best Quality

Adrian “Mouse” Pitcher strives to deliver the best quality work for all his clients whatever the project.


Adrian “Mouse” Pitcher is an independent contractor and builder – saving you from large company fees.


Adrian “Mouse” Pitcher always uses the best building & construction materials to ensure a sustainable final product.


Adrian “Mouse” Pitcher has been working in the industry for 35+ years, his experience allows him to tackle any job.

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07733 304965

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Adrian "Mouse" Pitcher builder works and operates in Watton, Dereham, Thetford, Swaffham, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Oversites | Foundations | Drainage | Drives | Fencing | Paths | Turfing | Landscaping | Shed Bases | Extensions.

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